What’s the Best Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements for Men and Women?

For many years, stress, poor nutrition and many other unhealthy habits have been affecting our wellbeing and lifespan, causing the cells in our bodies to age rapidly.Modern research and technology has allowed for a new breakthrough in Anti Aging, finding that specific vitamins and supplements can help extend the lifespan of cells in our body, slowing the ageing process. This has caused many researchers around the world to search for the best Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements.

One such researcher, Dr Joel Wallach, has devoted his 50 year career to finding the best vitamins and supplements to enable men and women to stay healthy, vital and youthful looking right into their 80’s and 90’s. Fortunately for the rest of us he has put his best Anti Aging products into one pack that delivers a saving of over $100 – and can even return you another $144 cash back – but more about that later!

What are the Best Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements for both Men and Women?

Imortalium, the most advanced anti-aging supplement to date that nutritionally helps extend the lifespan of telomeres; the biological clocks found within our cells. Telomeres form the protective ends of almost every DNA chromosome, keeping each chromosome from deteriorating. The longer and healthier the telomere strand is in a cell, the greater the health and Anti Aging benefits.

Specific Telomere health promoting nutrients found in Imortalium are:

Vitamin D3 which helps with leukocyte telomere lengthening which can help prevent aging and age-related disease.*

Ascorbic Acid which promotes the suppression of oxidative stress , slowing down age-related telomere shortening.*

Vitamin B6 which contributes to the maintenance of telomeres by reducing oxidative stress and inflammatory reactions.*

Vitamin E which increases the lifespan of telomeres.*

Zinc which promotes telomere lengthening enzyme activity while also promoting telomere shortening activity in problematic cells.*

SuperOxide Dismuase (SOD) is able to neutralize the most destructive free radicals in the body.*

Fucoidan-rich Algae Blend has been known for its immune boosting activity and the elimination of problematic cell growth.*

Glutathione reduces oxidative damage to telomeres and the enzymes and cell structures that support telomere health.*

Trans-Resveratrol & L-Glutamine help increase telomere shortening activity in unhealthy cells. Trans-Resveratrol is arguably the most effective antioxidant that has been recognized for its Anti Aging benefits, hepoing improve one’s lifespan and quality of life.*

Besides helping to preserve telomere length, Imortalium contains nutrients that improve elasticity and youthful vitality of the skin such as MSM. Zinc and Copper in the formulation are also linked to more elastic skin structure.*

Read more extensively about Imortalium here.

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Cell Shield RTQ

RTQ stands for Resveratrol, Turmeric and Quercetin, all natural antioxidants extracted from various fruits and spices.

Resveratrol has become well known as the Anti Aging compound thought to be the secret ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, and responsible for the French Paradox. You may have heard about the antioxidant benefits of drinking red wine which is attributed to the resveratrol content of grape skins.  Each recommended daily serving of Cell Shield RTQ has the equivalent resveratrol as drinking 294 glasses of red wine – without the alcohol content!

Turmeric is the subject of numerous Anti Aging studies and has been found to promote cellular longevity, promote healthy skin, healthy brain function, healthy digestion and healthy immune system function.*

Quercetin is a plant derived flavonoid found in fruits, vegetables, leaves, grains and chocolate. Quercetin promotes cellular longevity, healthy blood pressure, healthy blood sugar metabolism, and is associated with healthy endurance. Quercetin studies have shown that it prevents premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation.*

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XeraFem , one of the best Anti Aging vitamins and mineral supplements for women, helps to nutritionally restore estrogen and balance hormones while also supporting powerful defenses against oxidative stresses of aging. XeraFem nutritionally rejuvenates the tissues and systems responsible for hormone production and promotes better hormone producing activity. Natural aging brings reduced production of growth and sex hormones leading to reduced muscle mass, energy, and exercise capacity and alterations in sexual function. The nutrients found in XeraFem support safe, natural hormone production and balance. XeraFem does not contain hormones. It has the nutrition the body uses to produce healthy hormonal levels.

XeraFem also contains the Imortalium formulation as part of its ingredients so you can get the telomere preserving benefits the Imortalium delivers as well as specific nutrition that targets healthy hormonal levels.*

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XeraTest, one of the best Anti Aging vitamins and minerals supplements for men, supports healthy testosterone production, healthy sexual function and healthy brain function through nutrition – without the use of hormones. This all-natural, high-quality vitamin, mineral and testosterone-supporting botanical supplement provides hormonal support for men in an extended release tablet. Containing an extensive range of anti-oxidant food sources, this supplement also provides powerful defenses against the oxidative stresses of aging.*

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S.M.A.R.T. FX which is an acronym for Sustained Memory And Retrieval Time contains super concentrated DHA which can help avert brain function decline that can occur with aging – Reduced levels of DHA is associated with cognitive decline during aging.

Studies have shown that people with Alzheimer’s disease have lower levels of DHA in their brains than older adults with good brain function, so it makes sense to ensure you have sufficient DHA in your daily nutrition intake.

Containing both DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids which are linked to healthy aging throughout life  can also improve cardiovascular health and lower triglycerides as well as possibly increase dopamine production and reduce the risk for depression. These are all pluses for the libido as a person ages. Low DHA status is the most common cause of low-quality sperm and frequently found in men with subfertility or infertility problems.*

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Selenium contributes to the alleviation of oxidative inflammation, reduced DNA damage and prolonged telomere length and thereby plays roles in fighting aging and preventing aging-related diseases.

Selenium supplementation is an important strategy for anti-aging and the prevention of aging-related diseases and is of great significance for the elderly.*

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Ocean’s Goldcontains nutrients to support healthy thyroid function. It is known that the prevalence of thyroid disorders increases with age. Importantly, subclinical disturbances of thyroid function are more frequent than overt diseases in the elderly. By including Ocean’s Gold in your daily regime you can support healthy thyroid function right into your later years.*

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Root Beer Belly is a tasty probiotic sprinkle that contains 5 microencapsulated probiotic strains that will benefit your digestive and immune system. Microencapsulation makes it more likely that a probiotic will survive stomach acidity, allowing it to cultivate and benefit the intestinal tract and immune system.

A review of multiple studies found that probiotics can restore the pH of acidic skin, reduce the impact of oxidative stress, reduce the effects of photo-aging, boost skin barrier function, and improve the quality of your hair.

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2 x 90 Essential Nutrients Packs

This 3 product pack contains the 90 Essential Nutrients the body requires every single day to maintain long term optimal health into your later years. These nutrients are Essential, meaning the body cannot manufacture them. They must be consumed through food sources. Unfortunately, due to our modern farming methods a lot of these nutrients are not present in our foods. In particular, the amount of minerals present in our foods have declined dramatically in the last 20 years as farmers seek high yields and rapid turnaround of crops.

90 for Life packThis pack supplies 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics and 2 essential fatty acids. The minerals are a bit like the spark plugs in a car providing the electrical spark required to ensure proper functioning of all systems in the body. Without all the essential minerals, vitamins cannot be utilized properly. Some of the reported benefits for people using this pack are increased energy, hair grows thicker and healthier, bone density improves, fingernails grow stronger, age spots on skin disappear, appetite normalizes, better immunity to seasonal viruses, and lots more!

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So, for a complete approach to Anti Aging you can’t go past this comprehensive pack Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements for Men and Womento support all aspects of your health as you age – mental, physical and emotional.

You could purchase all these products individually if you wish, however when you buy them in this pack you save around $110. As mentioned earlier you also have the opportunity to receive a further $140 cash back if you recommend the pack to a friend after you purchase. Email us at info@young1.life to find out more about how to do that.

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