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Troy Holcombe, Verified Buyer

“My life has changed using Tangy Tangerine twice a day - no more sore knees and I feel more alert during the day. I have also less coffee now - replaced it with Tangy!"”

Connie Faber, Verified Buyer

After taking the Ultimate Daily classic tablets for about two months I was delighted to notice a substantial drop in my blood pressure. It had been creeping up to about 146/90 and came back very quickly to about 120/68.

Michelle Graham, Verified Buyer

“Since I've been using the Healthy Start Pak people have been commenting how great my skin is looking and that I've lost weight. I wasn't even trying to do that, but it's a great bonus on top of the increased energy I'm feeling!”

Dr. Wallach is renowned for his groundbreaking research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals. He now dedicates his time to lecturing throughout the world on the therapeutic benefits of vitamins and minerals and on advising the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on behalf of the dietary supplement industry.

Your body needs 90 essential nutrients EVERYDAY– and Youngevity’s products are your way to get them


60 Minerals

Give your body the minerals it needs.

Youngevity’s Colloidal Plant Derived Minerals™ are 90 – 98% absorbable by the human body, unlike most supplements available on the Australian market which are typically 8 – 12% absorbable. This means that approximately 90% of typical supplements are being flushed down the drain.


16 Vitamins

Give Your Body The Youngevity Vitamins It Needs.

The most advanced multi-vitamin to date containing potent nutrients, synergizing co-factors, and a prebiotic and probiotic blend that promotes maximum intestinal absorption.  


12 Amino Acids

Give your body the amino acids it needs.

Integral to the biological processes within the body, amino acids give cells their structure, transport and store nutrients, heal wounds, repair tissues, and form our organs, glands, arteries and muscles. Find them in your Youngevity products.


2-3 Essential Fatty Acids

Give your body the fatty acids it needs.

Strong scientific evidence has documented the beneficial effects of essential fatty acids, from heart health to cognition to eye health. Youngevity’s balanced formula includes Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

New York Times bestselling author Marilu Henner

Youngevity’s dedication to overall health and wellness revolves around the belief that there is a core group of 90 essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health.

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Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0

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Most of us, perhaps even the diehard health gurus, have probably succumbed to the tasty delights of Christmas fare over the past couple of months, and by now you might not be feeling on top of your game. Did you know that most of the things we all love to indulge in over our holidays, […]

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Why is there such an increase in Infertility?

Approaching an Infertility problem needs to be met in a series of steps. If we look to nature to discover why infertility prevails in populations we find that we have an increase in infertility when there is a famine of sufficient nutrients for that population. The birth rate goes down dramatically in response to the […]

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