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You might be finding losing weight particularly difficult, and you are not alone in this. Many people find dropping those pounds extremely challenging. You may have tried every diet plan in the book, but none of them have worked for you. All the traditional methods that you have tried seem to get you nowhere, and you can’t seem to figure out why. One of the reasons that these methods may not have worked for you is because even though you are on a diet, you are not getting in your weekly exercise. You should be aiming for around 3 hours per week of medium intensity workout to aid you in your diet. Alternatively, your body might not be getting all the important vitamins and nutrients that it needs to aid you on your journey. Or, it simply might be the case that you haven’t yet found the right weight loss plan for you. But don’t worry because the Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak could be the answer for you.

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What Is It?

The Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak is a kit from Youngevity that will help you lose weight as well as create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In each kit, you will receive a variety of items that will provide your body with a broad foundation of nutrients to keep you in good health. In this pack you will find 1 Beyond Tangy Tangerine canister, 1 Ultimate EFA Plus of 90 softgels, 1 Beyond-Oseto-fx 32oz and 1 Slender Fx REV. All of these items will provide you with the nutrients that your body needs to keep itself in the best condition possible.

How Will These Items Help Me?

It is very important that you understand what you are taking and we wouldn’t want you to take our product unless you were 100% sure you knew what the benefits are. Beyond Tangy Tangerine is made from Dr Wallach’s 60 Essential Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals and then blended with a mixture of 16 essential vitamins and 12 essential amino acids. Also added to this are prebiotics and probiotics that complete the mixture, giving you a balanced daily supplement that contains 87 of Dr Wallach’s 90 essential nutrients. This supplement will help to support your immune system, your digestive system and is gluten free as well as having a low glycemic index.

The Ultimate EFA Plus is a special blend of essential fatty acids from certain oils, including Flax, Fish and Borage. These fatty acids are essential to maintaining a healthy diet as they promote cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes. If you have a deficiency of certain fatty acids, you may start to notice symptoms such as depression, dry skin and even problems with your liver and kidneys. So, if you don’t think that you are getting enough of these essential fatty acids, this item will certainly be important for you.

Beyond Osteo fx is a liquid or powder supplement that provides you with the key nutrients to support your bones and joints. The health of bones and joints is becoming more concerning as we age and that is why you need to make sure that you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs to sustain healthy bones. Beyond Osteo fx plus is full of these nutrients such as vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium and many others.

The Secret Ingredient

The ‘secret sauce’ in this weight loss pack is the Slender Fx REV. These weight loss drops help your body to metabolize and move the fat stores in your body. The REV targets the excess fat in your body and enhances absorption, therefore helping you to lose weight. REV will aid your body’s own fat burning mechanisms, helping them to become more efficient. Due to the fat-targeting system, this product will help you shift those pounds without so much as a second thought. The proprietary blend for our most powerful natural fat burner ever includes white kidney beans, African mangos, whole green coffee beans and Resveratrol. Our unique blend is one of the safest fat burners that you will encounter on the market today.

Can’t I Just Buy One Product?

Well yes, you can. However, for optimal results, you should consider our healthy body weight loss pak in its entirety. All the individual components come together and offer something unique that a single supplement may not provide. It is important to realize that all these items aid each other in stimulating weight loss and helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you do so. If you buy a single item from the pack and not the others , you may find that you are not getting all the results you want. Dr Wallach recommends giving the body the complete nutrition it needs, especially plant derived minerals. Without these minerals your body can be craving calorie-rich foods or causing you to binge, simply because you are mineral deficient.

Push Yourself

With the aid of the healthy body weight loss pak, you can push yourself knowing that you have all the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep you going through the day. If you want something a little more challenging during your weight loss journey, you could participate in Youngevity’s healthy body challenge. This challenge helps you to eat the right blend of foods, giving you the nutrients that you need from your meals as well as from our supplements and challenges you to burn more calories than you consume. People have seen amazing results from this challenge and you can too. Even better, Youngevity is offering great prizes for the biggest losers.

Buy Youngevity products. Ships globally.

More Information

At Youngevity, we are committed to providing you with the finest range of nutritional supplements and support to help you lead the best life possible at brilliant prices. Our healthy body weight loss pak can currently be bought in Youngevity Social for half price! That’s an amazing weight loss pak for just under $100, and we think that’s a steal! Email us at info@young1.life to receive your invitation to our monthly Social where you can make big savings on your Youngevity supplements.

These days, many people are suffering from serious health issues, often related to their weight. Losing weight can be a challenge and sometimes it can seem like a constant battle. But with this weight loss pak and secret sauce you can find the strength you need to succeed. We hope that you found this article helpful and will consider letting our healthy body weight loss pak aid you on your weight loss journey.

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