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Dr Wallach's 7 Steps to Improving Your Bone and Joint Health

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Dr Wallach's 90 for Life Message

Understand Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life message before you start on nutritional supplementation for bone and joint health. Minerals are vital for every bodily function. Without minerals we cannot absorb vitamins. Research now shows that soils around the world are depleted of essential minerals. If the minerals are not in the soil then they are certainly not in our foods, so supplementing with the 60 essential minerals every single day is vital to sustain long term bone and joint health.

Dr Wallach has brought all 60 essential minerals, the 16 essential vitamins, the 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids together in his Healthy Start packs to deliver your daily nutritional requirements in a balanced formula for optimal absorption and cellular health. When the body receives complete nutrition it is then able to do the repair work to return itself to full health.* Hear more below about Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life message….

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Fill out Dr Wallach's Health Evaluation form

Get a snapshot of your overall health so we can better support your progress back to optimal bone and joint health. Regarding arthritis and osteoporosis there can be several factors influencing your present condition.


Remove the 12 Bad Foods from your diet

These foods cause inflammation in the body, and inflammation is the first step to diseased states such as arthritis and osteoporosis so removing these foods from your diet will support your return to optimal health. Dr Wallach often says “You cannot out-suppplement a bad diet.” If you want the best results from your investment in nutritional supplements to improve your bone and joint health you must remove inflammation causing foods from your diet.

Dr Wallach 90 days cell regeneration


Minimum 90 Day Commitment

Dr Wallach asks that people commit to at least 90 days on the nutritional program he recommends in order to see good results with issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis related diseases. The body needs time to regenerate healthy cells, and based on his experience this often happens within 90 days. Dr Wallach says that most people are in a state of malnutrition at a cellular level, so it is difficult for the body to do its daily repair and cleansing functions while in this state.

Dr Wallach recommends that you take the 90 essential nutrients, plus the secret sauce (GlucoGel) appropriate for body weight, and this will support and promote maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae, bones and bone matrix. Within 90 days he says we can support and promote maintenance, repair of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae and so on.

For the next 90 days on Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life  Healthy Bone and Joint pack, cellular regeneration of bones and joints will be happening in the presence of complete nutrition. This means you could expect that the quality of new cells will be much higher at the end of your 90 day program.* Dr Wallach advises to place your order on autoship to ensure continuity of your nutritional protocol to sustain continued full nutrition and achieve the best results for your bone and joint health.

Dr Wallach thereapeutic dosages


Therapeutic Dosages

Dr Wallach recommends for the best results with bone and joint health, therapeutic dosage of the nutritional products be taken daily. He says that people will see improvements on his basic Healthy Start pack but for the quickest return to optimal bone and joint health he recommends one Healthy Bone and Joint pack pack per 100lbs (45kgs) of body weight.

This specialty pack has been formulated to target the nutrition the body requires to rebuild bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae and so on.

Dr Wallach rheumatoid arthritis help


Dr Wallach's Protocol for Rheumatoid Arthritis

See below Dr Wallach’s product recommendations and listen to him speak about his methodology.

Dr Wallach disagrees with the commonly held belief that it is an auto-immune disease. He says it is a combination of nutritional deficiency and an infection caused by a bug called Mycoplasma. Here is Dr Wallach’s protocol:


Dr Wallach's Protocol for Osteo Arthritis

Listen to Dr Wallach’s product recommendations and methodology for supporting healthy bones and joints. He discusses Osteoporosis, Osteo Arthritis, Tinnitus, Bell’s Palsy, Sciatica, Bone Spurs, Growing Pains.

Dr Wallach stresses several times in this video to eliminate carbonated drinks. He recommends the Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pack which contains:

  • Tangy Tangerine
  • EFA Plus
  • Beyond OsteoFX
  • GlucoGel capsules
  • CM Cream

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