“It's not what you eat that kills you, it's what you don't eat.”

— Dr. Joel Wallach

The Evolution of Youngevity


    American Longevity, later renamed Youngevity®, was founded by  Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan


    Founded by Café La Rica, Inc., which in 2007 becomes CLR Roasters.


    The coffee company Javalution and the JavaFit® brand are formed. Together with JavaFit®, the company has created a new category of functional coffee.

    Financial Destination, Inc., a marketing company offering a series of products for beauty and health, many opportunities for earning and privileges were formed in New England under the guidance of businessman William Andreoli

    November - NBA Superstar Theo Ratliff signed a 10-year contract to promote the new energy-giving beverage, Rebound Fx ™ from American Longevity.


    February - American Longevity signs a licensing agreement with the SupraLife Network, combining the opportunities for marketing and distribution growth in integrated international operations.

    August - The line of mineral rejuvenating products "Bloomin Minerals" by American Longevity company was adopted by the Institute of Organic Materials (OMRI) for inclusion in the list of organic materials.

    September - The founder of American Longevity Dr. Joel Wallach receives the prestigious scientific award of James Lind for the development in the field of nutrition.

    September - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) injects omega-3 fatty acids into the list of substances that fight coronary heart disease and expands their use in conventional foods. American Longevity is the lead applicant in this case.

    November- American Longevity joins forces with Ancient Legacy, a company producing high-quality essential oils and other products.

    The JavaFit® brand finishes clinical trials of the Diet and Energy Coffee products.

    Legal statement before the FDA


    June - the company of direct sales of DrinkACT ™

    July - Australian Longevity's Ultra Gluco-gel ™ product is accepted by the Australian Agency for Sports Preparations for use by athletes.


    April - American Longevity for the purpose of greater world recognition of the brand changes its name to Youngevity®

    June - Youngevity® launches the SLENDER FX dietary supplements for natural weight control, a preparation containing ingredients showing control of fat regulation.

    July - Youngevity joins forces with NuVANTE ™, a company with a scientifically-developed skin care line.


    January- Dave Briskie is appointed director of the coffee company Javalution Coffee Company.

    January - Youngevity® launches Cocogevity ™, the first successful line of "healthy chocolate" products, which includes products: Triple Treat Chocolate with probiotics, Liquid TLC chocolate with antioxidants, and Triple Truffle Chocolate with supplements for the immune and bone systems of the body.

    February - Youngevity® launches a line of mineral cosmetics as a natural alternative to natural beauty products for people caring for their health.

    May - Youngevity® together with the partner DrinkACT ™ launch the first healthy energy drink. DrinkACT ™ is quickly becoming one of Youngevity®'s fastest growing divisions.

    August - Youngevity® joins forces with the pioneer in the field of neo-development in the field of nutrition by ProJoba International.

    September - Javalution acquires a 50% stake in CLR Roasters.


    February - Powerlifting stars Jean Nelson and Fred Glass joined the Youngevity Sports Council.

    April - The Balance Company® company Phenomenal! Balance joined the Youngevity® family of companies.

    June - SUZANNE ™ company founded by Suzanne Somers joined Youngevity®, adding new food, cosmetic products and fashion accessories to the company's product line.

    August-company-developer of the famous antibacterial soap Antibacterial Foam ™ and other antibacterial products PureWorks ™ has joined Youngevity®.

    December - OvatioN ™ Lifestyles, Inc. - The manufacturer of herbal energy tea to enrich the body and give it energy has joined Youngevity®.


    June - Javalution Coffee Company reregistered from the Financial Controlling Industry Authority of the United States (FINRA) to become a public company.

    July - Javalution Company launches the JavaFit brand through direct sales channels.

    September - Javalution acquires the remaining 50% of the shares of CLR Roasters and becomes a full owner.

    October - Javalution Coffee receives confirmation from FINRA and starts participating in the exchange trades under the ticker JCOF.


    May - Javalution concludes a contract with Carnival Cruise Lines.

    May - Brand Café La Rica has expanded sales in Walmart.

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