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The Youngevity Healthy Body Start Pack

Youngevity provides nutritional supplements as recommended by Dr Joel Wallach to support a vibrant, healthy life. Youngevity provides a healthy body starter pack which provides Dr Joel Wallach’s 90 for Life essential nutrients.  The nutrients provided by the healthy body start pack work to provide the essential nutrition needed for those looking to maintain a high level of health, fitness and wellbeing.

At Youngevity, we believe that you can only maintain a truly healthy lifestyle if you balance it with healthy eating, exercise and a blend of vital nutrients. Although the human body is multi-dimensional and highly complex, there are a range of essential nutrients that are vital to the human body’s ongoing health and wellbeing.

Youngevity believes that these 90 essential nutrients should be taken daily to support a healthy lifestyle, and they can all be found in the Youngevity healthy body start pack.

Benefits of the Starter Pack

Dr. Wallach’s “90 for life” minerals are ones independently familiar to doctors, chemists, and nutritionists the world over, known for various positive and reparative effects on the human body. But by including all 90 in Youngevity’s high performance supplements, Dr. Wallach has made it so much easier to ensure you’re giving your body everything it could need, in a consistent, daily dose.

The Youngevity 90 for Life supplements are better performing than equivalent supplements from other companies, with minerals derived from plant-rich shale deposits. Our products are specifically engineered to be easy for the body to absorb, with up to 900% more nutrients being actually absorbed by the body.

Our starter pack includes:

  • Beyond Tangy Tangerine® multi-vitamin/mineral complex: with its great taste and amazing blend of organic fruits and vegetables, this product has been specifically designed to support the ongoing intake of the body’s essential nutrients.
  • Beyond Osteo-fx™: The Beyond Osteo-fx™ complements the nutrient profile provided by Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and targets the physical framework of the body. The complex provides ongoing support for the bones and promotes a healthy frame.
  • Ultimate™ EFA Plus™: Containing essential fatty acids, this complex works to support ongoing heart health and cognition to eye health.

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