90 for Life Healthy Body Packs

Get Dr Wallach’s 90 essential nutrients in Youngevity’s 90 for Life Healthy Body Packs. Choose the specific pack to suit your particular health needs. Dr Wallach recommends filling out the free Health Evaluation form – https://young1.life/wallach-health-evaluation-form/ which helps you find the best pack to begin with. Whichever category you score highest in relates to a specific pack. If you have high scores in several categories Dr Wallach recommends you start on the Healthy Digestion pack as multiple health challenges indicate your body may not be absorbing nutrients effectively.

Every specialty pack has the core 90 for Life Healthy Body pack in it. This basic 90 for Life pack comprises: Tangy Tangerine, EFA Plus and Osteo FX. Together these products combine to deliver all 90 essential nutrients to your body every day.

The 4 main 90 for Life Healthy Body specialty packs that relate to Dr Wallach’s 4 health categories are:

Healthy Digestion Pack

You would choose this pack if you scored high in several categories on the Health Evaluation Form. Also, if you already know that your digestive system is struggling with symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, or more severe dis-ease.

This pack adds on the Ultimate Enzymes which have been developed to correct stomach acid levels, help break down protein, fats and carbohydrates, assist the absorption of iron, plus many more benefits. When the stomach acid is corrected symptoms such as reflux can start to disappear. This pack also contains the Flora FX product which introduces good bacteria into your intestinal tract. These beneficial bacteria form your body’s front line of immune defense, and further assist proper assimilation of nutrients.

Healthy Blood Sugar Pack

You would choose this pack if you score high in the Blood Sugar category on the Health Evaluation Form. Symptoms such as craving for sugar, feeling sleepy after eating, waking up during the night, bubbles in your urine, are all indicators that your blood sugar may be out of balance. If you have several of these symptoms it would be wise to have a blood sugar test performed.

This pack adds on the Sweet-Eze product which contains extra chromium, vanadium and botanicals known to help regulate blood sugar in the body.

Healthy Bone and Joint Pack

You would choose this pack if you score high in the Hard Tissue category on the Health Evaluation form. This pack adds GlucoGel capsules which contain nutrients that the body requires to build cartilage and connective tissues, i.e. in joints. The pack also includes the topical CM cream which can provide relief for painful joints.

Healthy Brain and Heart Pack

You would choose this pack if you score high in the Soft Tissue category.

This pack adds on extra Essential Fatty Acids which support healthy brain and cardiovascular function. It also adds on Selenium which has very high antioxidant properties to assist the cleanup of free radical damage throughout the body.

There are other specialty 90 for Life Healthy Body Packs such as the Anti-Aging pack, Athletic Pack and Weight Loss Pack. Check the product links below to read more about each pack.

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