Dr Joel Wallach Plant Derived Minerals™

There are 3 ways to get Minerals for our bodies:

metallic minerals



  • Sourced from Ancient sea beds and ground up rocks and soils.

  • These minerals are classed as hydrophobic – not water soluble and are hard to dissolve
  • They have a Positive Electric charge.
  • They are less than 8% absorbable. This means if you were to take 100 mg of a metallic mineral supplement each day, it is possible that only 8%, or 8 mg would be available for your body to use.
  • This is what is commonly found in most grocery store supplements.



  • A metallic mineral wrapped with a protein or amino acid.
  • In the late 70’s, the health food industry identified the issues with metallic mineral absorbability and developed “chelated” minerals: wrapping amino acids or protein around the minerals to help the body metabolize them.
  • This results in slightly over 50% absorption at best.

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Youngevity Colloidal Minerals



  • Negative electric charge.
  • Hydrophilic – easy to dissolve without digestion.
  • Generally 200 – 2,000 times smaller than metallic minerals.
  • Some minerals no larger than .0000001 micron (able to absorbed readily into the bloodstream).
  • 90 – 95% absorbable by the body.



Youngevity’s Plant Derived Minerals™ are sourced from humic shale – prehistoric plant life in concentrated form. Through a process called photosynthesis, the plants converted the precious minerals which were abundant in the soils back then into organic colloidals that are easily absorbable by the human body – commonly 90 to 95%.

When absorbed by the body, colloidals’ microscopic-sized electrically charged particles act like a magnet, helping to pull broken-down cells into the bloodstream to be eliminated (detoxification). Meanwhile, the body is replenished with nourishing life-enriching minerals.

Every Dr Wallach 90 for Life product has these colloidal plant based minerals at its basis.

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