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How My Life Has Become 100% Better since Joining Youngevity

In April 2016 I made a decision which turned out to be a real life saver for me. Back then I had been taking about 16 different nutritional supplements every day thinking that I was protecting my health for the long term. However, I had just been to have a full body scan which showed that I was aging much faster than I should have been. My biological age was showing up as 8 years older than my actual age! What a shock!

Around this time a friend showed me  Dr Wallach’s Heathy Body Start Pack and I was amazed at how simple he had made it to get all the essential nutrients my body would need every day. So, because I had always had a lifelong interest in nutrition I decided to buy the Anti-Aging CEO Pack which gave me the Healthy Start Pack along with Youngevity’s premium Anti-Aging supplements.

In March 2018 I went back and had the same full body scan done, but this time round it showed my biological age was now 9 years younger! In effect I had turned around my cellular aging by 17 years in that 2 years on Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack and the Anti-Aging addon products. Another awesome thing was happening alongside this. I was building a Youngevity business that now enabled me to give up my job and go full time in my life passion of helping people towards a better quality of life through nutrition. Every week I get calls from customers who are so grateful that I’ve helped them get their life back from constant pain, or multiple medications that were giving them numerous negative side effects.

Along the way I’ve also won 4 overseas trips with Youngevity, and between my partner and I we have 3 x $300US car bonus payments paid to us each month on top of our commissions. Fortunately my friend had guided me to purchase a CEO pack as it made me eligible for these extra bonuses with Youngevity. The time freedom we now have means I can choose what I do every day, and where I do it from. We can now travel anywhere in the world while our business continues to pay us.

If you would like more information about how you could turn your life around physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, just fill out the form at the top of this page and I’ll contact you to talk more.


Expand your options, become an Australian Youngevity distributor

We take care of our people the right way.

At Youngevity, you can work towards a lifestyle that incorporates both health and wealth. The products help you and others get healthy, and the business opportunity, as one of our Australian wholesalers, gives you options and unlimited freedom.


Distributor benefits

we look after our youngevity distributors

As an Australian Youngevity distributor and wholesaler, you’ll save 30% on every product by purchasing at wholesale prices, which means you’ll get great deals on our Tangy Tangerine and all our other products. You can also receive a weekly cheque from bonuses made every time you share Youngevity’s amazing products.


Residual income

Generate massive part-time income.

How would you like to be paid month after month for work you did years ago? That kind of compensation is called “residual income,” and it’s a key feature and benefit of the Youngevity Compensation Plan. It’s extremely motivating and empowers you to build a lasting legacy as a Youngevity wholesaler.

Call us crazy, but we love to see people happy, succeeding, and having fun!

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Tom and Denise Chenault

“We believe that this is the greatest company on the planet. Doctor Wallach’s message and his products are timeless, and the Youngevity compensation plan is the best.”

Sheryl Morley

“Dr Wallach has a fantastic message about health & wellness. In my heart I wanted to share this message with other people. I’ve been able to do the things that I can do – because of Youngevity.”

Scott and Juliette Fardulis

“The best part of being with Youngevity is the freedom – the time freedom, the financial freedom, and the ability to travel and be healthy and enjoy our family.”

The fastest route to SUCCESS.

The CEO Mega Pak is a “business in a box!” Not only does it give you $500 worth of Youngevity’s best-selling products, like Tangy Tangerine, but it also includes a welcome kit and critical training tools that will help get you off to a great start. We offer several CEO Mega Pak options. Just choose the version that best matches your area of interest and product focus.

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Here’s some of the Bonuses you can receive as a Youngevity CEO Distributor.

  • 30% Quick Start Bonuses
  • Refer 3, Get Your Pak Free
  • 8 Level Residual Bonuses
  • Infinity Bonuses
  • $100 Fast Start Bonuses
  • Car Bonuses
  • Dream Vacations

Plus more!! Click here to view the full Youngevity Compensation Plan.

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