12 Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Health

The 12 bad foods you should avoid.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods



Wheat contains the protein gluten which is, for most people, very difficult for the stomach to break down. Most people have weak stomach acid to begin with which compounds this situation as the gluten ends up passing through the stomach and into the intestines in an undigested state.



Like wheat, barley will in most people, pass into the intestines as one long chain protein. Instead of breaking down into individual amino acids in the stomach so they can be absorbed, the gluten protein arrives in this undigested state and can cause damage to the microscopic villi lining the intestinal wall. These villi are like hundreds of fingers creating a much larger surface area of absorption in the intestines.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods



Much like an elephant in your lounge room, the long chain undigested gluten protein found in whole grains flattens everything in its path and thereby massively reduces the surface area of digestion. The more whole grains you eat, the less able your body is to absorb nutrients due to the much reduced surface area of absorption.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods



Because all chronic diseases are directly related to nutrient deficiencies, the more whole grains you eat in foods such as wheat, barley, rye and oats the more likely you are to suffer with a chronic disease.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods



Corn and soy are among the most genetically modified foods. They are also abundantly sprayed with a chemical called Roundup or Glyphosate. The World Health Organization classifies Roundup as a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent.

If you can source your corn from a certified organic grower you will avoid this issue.



The consumption of genetically modified soy and corn has been linked with 4 different types of cancer and death from high blood pressure, and deaths from stroke.

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Meat with nitrates

Nitrates are typically injected into deli meats to keep the meat looking nice and red in the deli case. The problem here is that when nitrates are heated they turn into a chemical called nitrosamine which is a known carcinogen.

A number of studies have found that nitrosamines play a role in the production and development of gastric and colon cancers.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods


Bottled oil

The problem with oils in a bottle is the air gap at the top of the bottle.  As the oil sits in the bottle it is becoming oxidized. The longer it’s in the bottle the more oxidized it becomes. When you pour that oil into a cooking pan it oxidizes within minutes.

When you introduce an oxidized substance into the human body you create inflammation. With constant exposure to inflammation, the body eventually starts to break down.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods


Carbonated drinks with a meal

The carbon dioxide molecule which causes the bubbles in these types of drinks reduces acidity in the stomach. When you drink carbonated beverages before or during a meal you’re neutralizing your stomach acid. This impedes the digestive process of the stomach by weakening the stomach acid.

This means you will digest very little of the nutrients in your food. Your stomach is unable to break down the foods you are eating due to the low acidity created by consuming carbonated beverages before or during a meal.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods


Well done red meat

It’s not the meat itself which is the problem. It’s how it’s cooked or what’s in the meat. When you cook red meat well done a chemical is created called heterocyclic amine. Meat surfaces showing a brown or black crust contain this chemical.

Studies have shown associations between intakes of heterocyclic amines and cancers of the colon, rectum, breast, prostate, pancreas, lung, stomach and oesophagus.

If you cook red meat rare or medium rare there are less heterocyclic amines.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods


Fried food

Oil heated in a fryer creates in the food being fried a molecule called acrylamide which is carcinogenic. In effect you are introducing into your body inflammatory cancer causing substances.

Dr Glidden 12 Bad Foods


Baked skin of Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

When the skin of potatoes becomes crispy, it is loaded with heterocyclic amines as a result of the heating process. Heterocyclic amines are known to cause inflammation and cancer in the body.

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