Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid in Dr Wallachs Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals

More energy with increased immunity & relief from pain? All via a natural source? Dr Wallach’s Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals proposes an answer by delivering the health benefits of Fulvic Acid.

Using organically sourced Fulvic acid, Dr Wallach & Youngevity have formulated a plant derived mineral solution that works to treat inflammation, increase energy and boost your immune system. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring derivative of what’s referred to as “humic substances”. Humic substances are the remains of prehistoric plant life, which grew in the most bio-nutrient rich soils full of the vitamins and minerals that our modern diet no longer provides. Sourced from soils, oceans, peat, coal and lakes, plant derived mineral concentrates such as that produced by Dr Wallach allow access to the myriad of healing properties trapped within the Earth. Fulvic acids serve as the nutrition for plants and by supplementing with these mineral dense medicines, we gain direct access to the benefits for ourselves.

By maximising the body’s access to key vitamins and minerals whilst also reducing harmful toxins, Fulvic acid allows the body to operate at its best and fight off the stresses thrown at it during everyday life.

When absorbing Youngevity’s formula, cells are flooded with an assortment of nutrients, minerals and vitamins allowing for natural detoxification and reduced inflammation- the root cause if many modern diseases. This process of removing harmful pollutants and harmful metals from our body restores the energy and vitality required to operate optimally on a daily basis. Enhancing digestion, reduced free radical harm and even treating skin conditions are just some of the benefits of Youngevity’s Plant Derived Minerals.

health benefits of fulvic acid for immune supportImmunity Support

Our immune system is largely influenced by the health of our microbiology and gut health. Fulvic acid addresses this key area within the bowel and digestive tract by introducing additional trace minerals plus both probiotics and prebiotics to boost the immune system. This can result in minimising the risk and symptoms of sore throats, flu and the common cold. Combined with essential fatty acids and other essential nutrients, much of the bodies natural hormones will be supported when using Youngevity’s Plant Derived Minerals therefore offering pathways for the body to reduce stress, regulate appetite and restore homeostasis (balance).

Health benefits of Fulvic acid have also been purported by natural practitioners to combat conditions ranging from leaky gut, SIBO- small intestine bacteria overgrowth and other bowel conditions stemming from inflammation.

Nutrient Absorptionhealth benefits of fulvic acid for nutrient absorption

Fulvic acid serves as a shortcut to the super nutrient-rich compound from which plants derive their essential vitamins and minerals. By doing so we absorb additional minerals into our cells whilst simultaneously letting our body more efficiently use the nutrients already attained from plants (fruits and vegetables) in our diet. The benefit of this is enhanced metabolic health via improving the amount of positive bacteria in the gut and a reduction in digestion related discomfort. Once a greater balance is achieved, cravings stemming from mineral deficiency will be diminished allowing for easier weight loss.

Concurrently, by helping to balance our pH levels, Fulvic acid restores a stable acidic – alkaline relationship. This is crucial to avoid developing chronic health problems and becoming susceptible to bacterial or fungal conditions.

health benefits of fulvic acid for energyIncreased Energy

Due to the new abundance of nutrients, trace minerals and electrolytes available, the body will have more resources available to use as fuel, reducing those unwanted afternoon energy slumps and actually promoting mood elevation. Fulvic acid has been shown in studies to supercharge biological bodily processes counteracting the negative impacts of stress, suboptimal diet and lack of sleep. Users of Fulvic acid who consumed Dr Wallachs Plant Derived Minerals in conjunction with a balanced sleep and diet schedule can benefit from more daily energy, increased endurance and enhanced physical performance.

Pain Killer Properties

Due to aforementioned anti-inflammatory properties of Fulvic acid, users will also have the benefit of reducing aches and pains caused by distressed nerves, poor circulation or arthritis.

The electrolytes in Fulvic acid treat swelling and chronic pain by increasing positive blood circulation to the effected area allowing your body to repair and recover whilst providing relief from pain.


Health benefits of Fulvic acid not only include the health of the gut and digestive tract but also the heart, muscles and brain. This is achieved by removing the heavy metals and toxins that accumulates in our bodies. When Fulvic acid is processed, it binds with the negative toxins, which we may have accumulated through our environment, diet, alcohol or smoking and assists our body to remove them- typically via urination. Once toxins are removed, our cells showcase an increased lifespan and a greater accessibility to the likes of iron, calcium and magnesium, which are vital in overall health.

Due to increased levels of pollutants in our foods, waterways, and air, we are more exposed to the threat of harmful toxins than ever before, therefore increasing the importance of supplementation with natural remedies such as Fulvic acid.

health benefits of fulvic acid for skin rashesSkin disease relief

Although yet to be repeated consistently in clinical studies, evidence has linked the use of Fulvic acid with the reduction of symptoms associated with Eczema and other skin conditions. The anecdotal evidence posits that due to Fulvic acids anti-inflammatory properties, it can act as a  counter for inflammatory conditions such as Eczema, athletes foot or the reactions to stings, burns and rashes from plants and insect bites.

Free Radical Treatment 

Free radicals are naturally produced within us to regulate hormones and to prevent the spread of viruses, germs and bad bacteria. However, they can become too prevalent leading to an unhealthy imbalance. When this occurs we see negative side effects such as chronic inflammation, increased ageing via cell degeneration and disease.

Fulvic acid seeks out and combines with the troublesome free radicals present in our cells and alters their structure, allowing for their assimilation into useful, positive nutrients for the body. The introduction of Fulvic acid acts as the catalyst for turning a negative, over abundant force into a force for good.

Link to Alzheimer’s Researchhealth benefits of fulvic acid linked to Alzheimers

Research conducted in 2011 via The Journal of Alzheimers Disease provides hope that properties found in Fulvic Acid can aid patients managing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The early data suggests that the antioxidants in Fulvic acid may interrupt the steps involved in developing and worsening cognitive disorders.

Fulvic Acid works via a four step process; protecting the brain from toxic plaque and tangles that are associated with the development of Alzheimer’s, lowering free radical damage (which is linked to memory loss), disabling tau proteins to prevent to the disease spreading and by detoxifying the heavy metals and radioactive waste that has been linked to various brain conditions.

Dr Wallach attests that more research will need to be conducted but these are promising early signs.

Consult your Medical Professional  

Dr Wallach’s Plant Derived Minerals formula is all natural and therefore it is best practice to begin with a minor daily dosage and assess the health benefits of Fulvic acid for you.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is best to speak with your medical professional to ensure you take the course of action that will be best for you and your child. Additionally, for those taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis, doctor consultation is advised to monitor your condition. Fulvic acid has been shown to react negatively with chlorine therefore avoid consuming with unfiltered water.

If you have any questions or concerns, consult your physician before making changes to your diet and supplement intake.

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