The Importance of Dr Wallach’s Body Weight Dosage

4 Real Life Stories of Rapid Health Recovery using Dr Wallach’s Body Weight Dosage

We often hear about Dr Wallach’s nutritional body weight dosage for people with serious health challenges. Is it really that important to double or triple up on the recommended products based on your body weight? Well, let’s look at some real life results…

Danny, age 24, snapped his hip bone while competing in the Gold Coast Marathon in 2018. Gold Coast Marathon injuriesAfter his accident, doctors found that Danny has Osteopenia, even though he is only in his early twenties. This is a condition which we would normally expect to see in people double or triple his age. Why we are seeing more and more young people developing this disease will be another topic to be discussed in a subsequent blog. For now, let’s look at the progress Danny made in approximately 6 weeks by taking Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life Healthy Body Pack and GlucoGel at the dosage of 1 capsule per 5kgs of his body weight. Danny made no changes to his diet in this 6 week period.

The before and after photographs below show where his hip bone cracked through, and 6 weeks later the white mass indicating bone regrowing through the crack. The doctors were amazed and asked what he was taking, as they don’t normally see such rapid recovery from an injury like this.Dr Wallach Therapeutic Dosage for Bones

Maadi T, High Blood Pressure, 90kgs body weight.

Maadi started on 1 Healthy Body Pack plus 1 bottle of Ultimate Daily Classic. Youngevity Ultimate Classic Mineral and Vitamin supplementAfter one month on this nutrition Maadi reported that his blood pressure had come down marginally, but not as low as he wanted it to be. We discussed through his body weight dosage. Maadi agreed to double up on his dosages to comply with Dr Wallach’s 1 pack/45kgs (100lbs) of body weight plus 2 bottles of Ultimate Daily Classic. In the next month Maadi reported that his blood pressure had come back to normal and he felt confident to now get off his medication. An added bonus was that Maadi lost several kilos in weight in this two month period. Maadi also altered his diet according to Dr Glidden’s 12 Bad Foods video on our Education page.

Jorge, Type 2 Diabetes, 100kgs body weight

Jorge started on 1 Healthy Blood Sugar Pack and started to eliminate the foods mentioned in Dr Glidden’s 12 Bad Foods video on our Education page. Within the first month Jorge reported that his blood sugar had dropped from 16.7mmol/l to 12mmol/l. He said he wanted a better result than this so we discussed going onto the body weight dosage. Jorge doubled up on the Sweet-Eze capsules Sweet Eze supports healthy blood sugar supplementin the second month and rang to say that his blood sugar reading had tumbled from 12mmol/l to 5.1mmol/l in that 30 day period. He was now able to get off his medication.

In subsequent months Jorge has rung to report several unexpected “side effects” from his nutritional supplementation. His barber brought his attention to his formerly grey hair now darkening. Jorge has lost 10kgs in weight. He said his formerly dry, flaky elbows and knees are now as smooth as silk; and his fingernails are thicker and stronger.

Hiam, age 82, had a fall and bones were shattered in hips, legs, arm. She was bed bound for 6 months and on morphine.

Hiam started on the Healthy Body Start pack with Tangy Tangerine tablets plus Ultimate SeleniumBest quality selenium supplement plus Gluco-Gel Plus for the extra anti inflammatory antioxidants included in this product.

Within the first week no more morphine was needed. By the second week no more painkillers were needed, and her pain reduced significantly. She became more mobile and could sit up and move around. She has had 2 scans, the first one showed bones beginning to heal. A recent scan showed her bones are fully healed and doctors are baffled. She is very able to walk around and even bend over which she couldn’t do previously. She does physical therapy once a week and she can do the exercises with ease and without pain killers!

Remember that body weight dosages apply only while you are working with a serious health challenge to get the quickest return to optimal health. You will likely see results heading in the right direction with just one healthy start pack, but for speedy return to health consider Dr Wallach’s body weight dosage.

Dr Wallach also says if you cannot afford the body weight dosage of the relevant Healthy Start Pack for your health challenge, at least add on one bottle of Plant Derived Minerals for each extra 100lbs (45kgs) of your body weight. The minerals will improve your uptake of vitamins and other essential nutrients in your diet and nutritional pack. You would still need to double up on the relevant specialty items for your particular health challenge. For example, GlucoGel for bone and joint challenges; Sweet Eze for blood sugar challenges, Selenium and extra EFAs for soft tissue challenges (heart, brain, lungs, kidneys), Enzymes and Flora FX for digestion challenges.

Contact your Youngevity distributor (info@young1.life) for assistance on which specialty nutrients your body may need for your particular health challenge.


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