Digestive Enzymes 120 capsules



Ultimate™ Enzymes® is formulated to support healthy digestion which is essential for optimal nutrient absorption. These digestive enzymes contain betain HCl and other important enzymes to support digestive health. Ultimate™ Enzymes® supports good health by helping the body break down carbohydrates proteins and fats; by assisting the absorption of those nutrients; and by supporting the excretion of waste.*

Many of today’s food allergies stem from the lack of certain enzymes.  Enzymes are responsible for functions in the body such as breaking down food, building bones and tissue and aiding in detoxification.  Joint pain and gout can be the result of undigested proteins, fats and minerals which form uric acid crystals that get caught in the joints.  The solution is to replenish the already taxed and depleted enzyme supply.  Youngevity Enzymes are formulated to support all aspects of digestion including absorption.  Better digestion means better absorption and better absorption means better brain health.*

Supplement Facts

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 capsule with each meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

WARNING: If you are pregnant nursing or taking medications seek the advice of your healthcare professional before taking this product. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Additional information

Weight 105 g


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