Nature Direct Eco-Friendly Chemical Free Home Cleaning Products

With a task as simple and straightforward as cleaning your home, you’d think that there wasn’t much that could go wrong. Sadly, you’d be surprised at all the corners that cleaning product companies cut in order to deliver you a “good” product at a lower price.

The cold hard truth is that unless your cleaning products are eco-friendly such as ours, they probably contain a whole range of different chemicals and toxins that are not only poor at cleaning but could be causing damage to your health.

What’s dangerous about my household cleaner?

From synthetic fragrances to the chemical substitutes used to clean your home, we’re going to look at a couple of toxins that lurk in your everyday cleaners and why you should immediately stop using them.

  • Bleach – We’ve all heard of bleach and some of us might even use it. It can be bought and used separately or might be contained in a mix. It’s an irritant that can leave some nasty damage to our bodies and if you combine it with wastewater (stuff that you flush down drains and toilets) it can form toxic compounds that will cause respiratory issues.


  • Optical whiteners – Ever wondered how some cleaning products make your clothes and surfaces so shiny and white? Well, it’s probably not because they’re clean, but because of optical whiteners. These are chemicals designed to absorb UV light and help items appear brighter and whiter.
  • Stabilizers – These are included in cleaning products to increase their shelf life and make them last longer. However, stabilizers are often made from ethylene oxide or polyalkylene oxide which can cause dermatitis and skin, eye and lung irritation.
  • Synthetic fragrances – Any cleaning product that is advertised as a certain small most likely uses a dozen to a hundred chemicals just to create a smell similar to what is being advertised. Many of these chemicals are not evaluated for safety and the combinations can even be carcinogenic if inhaled or put on your skin.

This is just a small list of toxic chemicals that could be in your cleaning products. Every time you purchase a use a regular cleaning product, you run the risk of harming not just your own health, but the environment around you. It could cause respiratory problems, asthma attacks, dizziness or even headaches if you’re exposed to these toxins for too long.

What does Nature Direct do differently?

Simply put, we’re a chemical-free eco-friendly home cleaning solution for the masses. We want to offer affordable and pure cleaning products to everyone so we can show that being more environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be expensive. We use absolutely no toxic chemicals, no artificial colourings, fragrances or stabilizers.

Our products are friendly to the environment as well, meaning you don’t have to worry about flushing any of the wastewater that is a byproduct of using our products. This means they are completely safe for septic systems and also aquatic systems, meaning you won’t cause long-term health effects to fish or pond life. We also don’t believe in animal testing, so you can buy with confidence knowing that all of our products are pure and made with good intentions in mind.

Why use Nature Direct products?


  • Easy care for your septic tank – Good septic tank care involves knowing what you can and can’t put down your drain. With eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning solutions, you don’t need to worry about making your septic tank vulnerable and compromising the entire system by using Nature Direct home cleaning products.
  • Protect your own health – With less cleaning products to pollute the air around you, you’ll naturally create a friendlier and healthier environment for you and your family. You can protect your health and put yourself at less risk of developing a condition in the future related to the toxins that could be lurking in your cleaning products.
  • Clean the air in your home – Conventional cleaning products are the biggest suspect when it comes to polluting the air in your home. These volatile organic compounds have been associated with many health issues such as liver and kidney damage. They linger in the air for a long time so they can affect you for long periods of time, but you’ll have peace of mind with clean air in your home if you use Nature Direct chemical-free home cleaning products range.
  • You know what’s in your cleaning products – We list every ingredient and are completely transparent about what we put into our cleaning products. For instance, to get a nice fragrance we typically use essential oils that also come with antibacterial properties, enhancing both the smell and cleaning property of our products.



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