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If you are looking for the best mineral supplement, you are going to find it at Youngevity. With Dr Joel Wallach’s over 50 years in mineral supplementation research behind every product, all of the minerals used in Youngevity products are natural plant based and as such, are far superior to others that are on the market. As you know, minerals are an important foundational part to keeping our bodies healthy, and that’s why Youngevity have come up with the best quality mineral supplements possible. Giving you the best health and strongest immune system possible is the ultimate goal here!

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There are several main products that include these plant derived minerals. One of these is Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion – 480g Canister which is the most advanced multivitamin mineral complex on the market. This was formulated so that you could maximize your mineral / vitamin intake. Besides containing Dr Wallach’s 60 essential plant derived minerals, Tangy Tangerine 2.0 also contains certified organic vegetables and fruits that were specifically chosen for the best natural vitamin yield in the product. Tangy Tangerine not only delivers all 60 essential minerals your body needs every day. It also contains all 16 essential vitamins and the 12 essential amino acids, along with prebiotics and probiotics.

The second Youngevity minerals product is Dr Wallach’s foundation Plant Derived Minerals 946ml Youngevity Colloidal Plant Derived Mineralswhich is a liquid concentrate that contains minute particle minerals (colloidal) from prehistoric plants. There are around 77 minerals in this concentrate that have  been retained in their natural raw form. It is recommended that you mix this with your Tangy Tangerine or in your favourite smoothie to get the best taste experience. The minerals on their own can taste a little earthy.

The third product that has these plant-derived minerals is Cheri-Mins 946ml Youngevity Cheri-Mins colloidal plant based mineralswhich is a liquid supplement that is made for both children and adults. It is the best way to ensure that everyone is getting all the minerals that they need and these have been derived from prehistoric plant deposits. Cheri-Mins have a pleasant flavour due to the addition of a small amount of fruit so just add water to get a refreshing burst of health giving minerals.

There are other Youngevity mineral supplements which have all Dr Wallach’s 60 essential minerals at their foundation:

Youngevity Herbal Rainforest mineralsHerbal Rainforest™ 946ml which is a combination of Dr Wallach’s Plant Derived Minerals plus 16 herbs.


Strawberry Kiwi Mins 946mlStrawberry Kiwi-Mins – 946ml – great for the children with its tasty flavour of fresh fruit delivers all 60 essential minerals.


Most Youngevity products have Dr Wallach’s Plant Derived Minerals included in their formulation, but the ones above have all 60 of the foundation minerals we need every single day.

Totally Natural Derived From Plants

When you are supplementing with minerals, it is advised that you use plant-derived minerals as they are up to 98% absorbable by the body, as opposed to rock based minerals which are only 8% absorbable, or chelated minerals which are 50% absorbable. These days your body doesn’t get all these minerals from food, as after many years of farming and grazing they are NOT being replaced in the soils anymore. A recent survey in Australia noted that only 2% of certified organic growers fully mineralize their soils annually. Mainstream farmers are known to only add the basic minerals that a plant requires to grow – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Without the 60 Essential minerals it can be hard for the body and brain to protect itself against disease and this is why mineral supplementation is so important. It will help your body to maintain and protect itself to stay fit and healthy for the long haul.

Youngevity’s products ensure that they have all of the essential minerals that you need. You are getting the full spectrum of these minerals when you take one of these Youngevity products, and this is going to be beneficial to your overall health, and specifically, your cellular tissue health. We need 60 minerals to keep us healthy, and Youngevity has made sure that we get them all with these supplements.

Since these products are made of organic plant derived minerals, they are completely non-toxic. They will not be stored in the body for more than a few hours and can assist heavy metal counterparts that might have been in your body for decades to be removed. Unlike arsenic and chromium, plant-based minerals are natural and can be found in food. The Plant Based minerals we use should be available in common foods like bananas, cucumbers, peas and many other natural vegetables and fruit; however, our modern farming practices mean they are not being replaced into the soil by growers. If the minerals are not in the soil, then they’re certainly not in your foods!

As well as being derived from natural resources, the ratios of minerals we offer through our products are at the optimal level to ensure they are most effective on your living cells. With our products, you will see the greatest impact from using these vital minerals.

Why You Need Youngevity Minerals

Without these minerals, our body does not get everything that it needs to function efficiently. If you are wondering what a deficiency looks like, it can present in numerous forms. One of the things that can happen if you don’t get enough of certain minerals is that your thyroid can slow down. Your thyroid needs a combination of six to seven minerals to make sure that it works at maximum efficiency. Without the minerals that it requires, it will start to slow down, meaning that your metabolism will slow, your temperature will drop, and you could be facing a whole range of issues.

Another common sign of mineral deficiency is craving certain foods. When all 60 essential minerals are provided to the body these cravings tend to drop away naturally. We often hear from customers that their appetite reduces after supplementing with our plant derived minerals, which can assist in weight loss.

This is why it is so important to make sure you have all 60 essential minerals that you need at the foundation of your daily nutritional intake. If you don’t think that you are currently getting all the required nutrition, this is where Youngevity’s mineral supplements are going to help. Designed to give you all 90 essential nutrients your body needs (60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2-3 essential fatty acids), they contain everything you need to make sure that this nutritional deficiency doesn’t happen to you.

At Youngevity we work hard to formulate natural products to provide your body with the complete nutrition it requires and that you could, otherwise miss out on completely from mineral deficient so-called foods grown from mineral deficient soils. Plants only require 3 minerals, N,P,K, however humans and animals require 60 minerals that are essential to healthy life.

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