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Youngevity mineral makeupWhen you look to buy some makeup, you do so with the intent of buying a product that’s safe for your skin. It’s natural to assume that the majority of big-branded items qualify as safe makeup, but this might not be the case.

You see, one of the little-known secrets of the cosmetic industry is that many popular makeup products on the market are full of toxic chemicals. These range from things that can alter your hormone production to chemicals that induce skin allergies, and everything in between.

Consequently, you don’t want to put any harmful chemicals on your skin at all. But, how do you ensure that you’re using safe, chemical-free makeup? Well, this is where Youngevity mineral makeup comes into play as it’s only made from natural ingredients that are safe for the skin – and the whole body as well.

What’s inside Youngevity Mineral Makeup?

Our mineral makeup has been around since 2007, and it took years of testing and retesting until we developed the perfect blend of natural ingredients. Every single product from our range is made up of 100% pure minerals. While each product may have a slightly different ingredient set, we promise that all of them have the following:

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No dyes
  • No preservatives
  • No animal testing
  • No irritants

Alongside this, our Youngevity Mineral Makeup is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, talc-free and bismuth-free.

As for the minerals we use, you will find a blend of seven different things inside our popular foundation range. That’s all there is to it, which is a vast difference compared to other brands who have a list of ingredients that could fill up half the Bible.

This is what you’ll find inside our mineral makeup foundation:

Youngevity mineral makeup ingredientsMica

This is a natural mineral that’s mined all over the world and turned into a powder. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by reflecting light, so they stay hidden!

Titanium Dioxide

We use this mineral as it has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin irritation and redness. It can also be used to filter UVA and UVB rays, which are very harmful to the skin. As a bonus, it has SPF and waterproof properties to give a matte look.

Iron Oxides

This helps to keep our mineral makeup long-wearing and high in quality. It also keeps your skin cool by blocking out harmful infrared rays. We also use iron oxides as colorants in the Youngevity Mineral Makeup range.

Zinc Oxide

Our makeup includes zinc oxide as it’s a natural sunscreen agent for the skin. Plus, it boasts antiseptic qualities and also helps our makeup stick to your skin – even when you’re sweating or wet.

Ultramarine Blue

Simply put, this is a type of clay that’s undergone serious heat treatment until it has blue and yellow pigments. So, we just use it to give an accurate hue in some of our color shades!


This is mica in its purified and uncoated form. It’s a fluffy mineral that gives our mineral makeup a lovely silky texture.

Kaolin Clay

Lastly, we use this clay to help absorb oils and provide a long-lasting effect.

We do use other natural ingredients in some of our different mineral makeup ranges as well. But, for our foundation, these are the seven things that make up our product.

What do other brands use?

Obviously, we can’t go through every single brand out there and point out all the dangerous ingredients they use. But, we can take a look at one of the biggest global makeup brands; MAC.

Pretty much everyone you know uses a MAC product, and their foundation is very popular. In comparison to Youngevity Mineral Makeup, there are well over 25 different ingredients in their foundation. Only seven of these are naturally occurring, and there are 7 harmful chemicals in there as well.

To put it simply, there’s a lot of junk in this foundation, and a lot of it isn’t good for you at all!

What harmful chemicals are in makeup?

Different brands use a host of different things, but a few common chemicals keep propping up all the time. These include:

  • Parabens (propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl)
  • DBP:
  • Polyethylene glycols
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • Oxybenzone
  • Quaternium-15
  • Ceteareth
  • Petrochemicals
  • Toluene
  • Retinol

The sad thing is, this barely scratches the surfaces of chemicals used in mainstream makeup ranges. A lot of these things can disrupt hormone production, damage the central nervous system, and cause reactions on the surface of the skin. Then, you have things like parabens that are often found in breast cancer tissue.

Summary: Choose A Safe Makeup

If you want to be 100% certain that you’re not slapping on loads of harmful chemicals, then choose Youngevity Mineral Makeup. Our range of products is only made with organic ingredients, including natural minerals that can enhance your skin.

Purchase one of our Mineral Makeup Sample Towers – Light to Medium or Medium so you can work out which foundation colors are right for you, and when you purchase the full product receive a credit back on your sample tower.

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