Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals Additional Uses

Most people are aware of the nutritional value of Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals, but most would not know there are many other uses for, and ways of taking these minerals. Let’s have a look at how you could be using Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals in your day to day life to enhance the overall wellness of everyone in your home, including your plants!


  1. In orange juice
  2. With lemon in iced water
  3. In tomato juice


  1. Gargle for a sore throat
  2. Mouth wash – kills bacteria that cause tooth decay
  3. Use to kill bacteria on tooth brush


  1. Cheri-Mins on bananas & apples
  2. Minerals reduce spoilage on tomatoes

Spray Bottle – oral care

  1. Mouth spray – kills throat bacteria
  2. Spray on tongue to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath

Spray Bottle – skin

  1. For a skin toner
  2. Closes pores
  3. Restores the PH of the skin
  4. Improves skin condition
  5. Helps remove spots and blemishes
  6. Helps reduce scarring on scrapes and cuts
  7. Use on scalp – nutrition for your hair
  8. Underarm deodorant – kills odour causing bacteria


  1. Use Plant Derived Minerals instead of saltYoungevity Cheri-Mins colloidal plant based minerals
  2. Use as a spray on food you would salt e.g. vegetables
  3. Use Cheri-Mins in jelly
  4. Use Cheri-Mins in frosting, ice cream


  1. Use 1-2 tsp. in water for cut flowers and they will last longer
  2. Mix 30ml in 1 litre water for house plants for a greener bloom
  3. Mix 15ml in 1 litre water for garden plants
    1. Mould resistant,
    2. Bigger fruits and vegetables
    3. More resistant to bugs (less pesticides)

Other UsesYoungevity Plant Derived Minerals

  1. Use as an eye wash (mix 1 to 10 with water)
  2. Spray on hemorrhoids
  3. Spray in your nose to help relieve hay fever
  4. Mix with shampoo
  5. Use in drinking water dish for pets
  6. Use in kitty litter box to reduce odour
  7. Use in aquarium for turtles and fish (cleaner water and cleaner pets)

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