The Fastest Way to Recover from Holiday Excesses!

With the Christmas season over for another year, for most of us there have been many social events to attend and loads of free alcohol and not-so-healthy snack foods on offer. By now, many people have made some New Year’s resolutions to get their health back on track, and get more energy and vitality into their days.

Did you know that most of the things many love to indulge in over the holidays, like alcohol, Christmas puddings and cakes, various sweet treats, cream laden desserts or savoury dishes, pastas and breads are all acid forming in the body?recover from holiday excesses

What’s the problem with acidic food choices? The big issue arises because the body can only maintain healthy life within a very narrow acid/alkaline range. Beyond that range it’s only a matter of time before the body starts aging prematurely and becomes more susceptible to disease, or in cases of extreme acidosis there’s the possibility of premature death. Thankfully, the human body has an innate wisdom to keep its delicate acid/alkaline balance on track. The way the body brings itself back into balance from excesses of acid forming foods is by drawing alkalizing minerals like calcium out of your bones, teeth, cartilage and joints. From the moment you consume acid forming foods your body will start drawing the calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other alkalizing minerals out of your bones, teeth, cartilage and joints to maintain itself within two points of 7.4pH. If the body’s innate wisdom didn’t manage this critical balance in blood pH it may not be possible for the body to maintain life.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that if acid forming foods are being consumed on a regular basis without supplementing with alkalizing minerals, the outcome could well be conditions such as  arthritis, osteopenia, or osteoporosis and related symptoms (receding gums, back or neck pain, weak brittle fingernails, loss of strength, greater susceptibility to bone fractures are just a few) in a very short space of time.

Next, let’s have a look at what nutrients are depleted by alcohol consumption:

  1. Vitamin A – some of the signs of deficiency are: night blindness, dry eyes, acne and skin breakouts, throat and chest infections, poor wound healing
  2. B Vitamins – some of the signs of deficiency of this group of vitamins are: tiredness, fatigue, mouth ulcers, dizziness, disturbed vision, mood changes, high temperature, impaired balance and co-ordination, sensation of pins and needles
  3. Vitamin C – signs of deficiency of this vitamin are: easy bruising, dry damaged skin, painful swollen joints, weak bones, slow healing wounds, bleeding gums and tooth loss, poor immunity, unexplained weight gain, fatigue and low mood
  4. Vitamin D – signs of deficiency are: tiredness and fatigue, getting sick frequently, bone and back pain, depression, bone loss, impaired wound healing
  5. Vitamin E – signs of deficiency are: muscle weakness, co-ordination and walking difficulties, numbness and tingling, vision deterioration
  6. Vitamin K – signs of deficiency are: bruising easily, dark stools, small blood clots under the nails
  7. Minerals – alcohol depletes the following minerals – calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium – deficiencies of these minerals can manifest as anemia, back pains, arthritis, bone spurs, low or high blood pressure depending on which minerals are depleted, calcification of arteries, limb numbness, diarrhoea and many more too many to list here.

The good news is that Dr Wallach’s HEALTHY BODY START PAK™ 2.0 contains ALL these nutrients in his simple 3 item pack – 2 drinks and 3 capsules a day – Beyond Tangy Tangerine, EFA Plus capsules and Beyond Osteo-fx™

Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0

The Beyond Tangy Tangerine®, with its 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins including the complete B vitamin group which are great for hangovers; prebiotics, probiotics, and 12 essential amino acids will help to detox out any of the nasties that may have accumulated through years of excessive acid forming foods and drinks. With its negatively charged plant derived colloidal minerals it can help to eliminate the positively charged toxins and speed up recovery from holiday excesses fast!.

The Beyond Osteo-fx™ drink in this pack delivers complete bone and joint support with its mix of alkalizing minerals and vitamins – calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, MSM, glucosamine, boron, and many more! This product can help replace alkalizing minerals that may be depleted due to prolonged acidic food choices. It’s even been known to help people get better sleep with the good amount of magnesium it has in the formulation!

The EFA Plus capsules in this pack contain the Essential Fatty Acids the body needs for healthy brain and heart function. They also support healthy soft tissue in your body such as your skin. Essential Fatty Acids can help clear the arterial system and reduce inflammation in the body. They also have a function in supporting a healthy hormonal system and for some people can make them feel calmer and less stressed. They are also associated with better memory.

This  leads us to another acid forming element in the body – Stress! It’s well known that the Christmas/ New Year period is one of the most stressful times of the year for many. When you’re under stress the body immediately goes into fight/flight mode and all your energy is channeled into your limbs – to either fight or take flight. The next thing your body will do is shut down your digestive processes and immune system temporarily, until the perceived danger has passed. It wants to channel all its energy into protecting you from harm. The problem is when you have prolonged periods of stress you’re going to end up with acute malnutrition at a cellular level because your digestive processes have been shut down for so long whilst the body channels its energy into fight/flight mechanisms.

Once again, the fastest way through dealing with prolonged stress will be to supplement with Dr Wallach’s 90 Essential nutrients – the most highly absorbable plant derived colloidal minerals, and health rebuilding vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics found in the Healthy Body Start Pak. Dr Wallach’s Healthy Start pack supplies the body with the Complete Nutrition it needs every single day.

Dr Wallach has made it so simple to get this complete nutrition in his simple 3 step Pak – 2 drinks and 3 capsules – every day! As Dr Wallach replied when asked “Who needs the Healthy Body Start Pak?” – “Anyone who’s alive needs to be on the 90 Essential nutrients supplied by the Healthy Body Start Pak – every single day!”

At one of our recent public meetings we heard an alarming statistic from the former president of a leading Organic Farmer’s Federation in Australia. This man stated that only 2% of organic growers are adding a full array of essential minerals to their soils in Australia! No doubt this percentage is similar in other countries. So many times we hear people say “well, I have a good diet. I eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables!” If the minerals are not in the soils your food is being grown in, then they’re certainly not in the food that you’re eating!

Without minerals first, none of your vitamins will do what they’re intended to do in your body. Think of minerals like the spark plugs in your car. You could have the most expensive fuel, the best oil and the most highly advanced engine, but if there’s no spark to ignite the whole engine functioning you’re going nowhere fast! This is what minerals do in your body. There is no digestive or metabolic process that can occur in your body without minerals.

Invest in your full health with Dr Wallach’s Healthy Body Start Pak and recover from your holiday excesses fast!

If your budget doesn’t extend to the full pack, at least get onto the Basic 90 Pack which is a great start as it delivers the 90 essential nutrients but without the extra alkalizing calcium and magnesium from the Osteo FX product.

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