Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Are you feeling like you never get ahead of things? Maybe you’re constantly under stressful deadlines and there doesn’t seem an end in sight? Or you’re just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired. Perhaps it feels like you’re putting in maximum effort in your life but you never seem to get ahead, financially or physically?

Did you know that a very simple shift in basic nutrition could help turn your life around?

Based on scientific research and practice Dr Wallach found that in all the 15,000+ autopsies he has performed, in every instance the death was due to a nutritional deficiency of some kind. Dr Wallach has concluded that most of the population are in a state of cellular malnutrition due to the chronic decline in nutritional value in our food supply over the past 50 years. As a soil scientist he has observed the depletion of essential minerals in soils worldwide. If the minerals are not in the soil they are not in your foods grown in that soil. Without minerals the body is unable to adequately use vitamins. When the body is lacking these essential nutrients over many years, cellular malnutrition is the result.

The corresponding mental state of a person in malnutrition can be: fear, stress, anxiety, survival instinct. You can imagine that a person in a mind state such as this certainly wouldn’t be demonstrating their full creative capacity in life. If you’ve ever wondered why you just can’t seem to turn your life around, maybe it’s time to look at supplementing your diet with the essential and complete nutrition your body needs.

The attached list shows the nutritional deficiencies related to some of our most common health conditions.

Here’s some interesting results from scientific studies:

  • Cognitive decline has been linked to decreased levels of DHA  in the brain. DHA is contained in EFA Plus which is part of Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack.
  • Deficiencies in select micronutrients, mainly certain B vitamins, have been linked to depression.
  • A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 215 men, aged 35 to 55 years taking a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement for 33 days had significantly reduced subjective stress and significantly improved self-ratings of mental tiredness prior to and following a battery of cognitively demanding tasks.

Some of the essential nutrients found in Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack have known effects on our brain’s ability for optimal functioning:

  • Vitamin C helps flush the brain of toxins that can cause long-term disorders marked by memory problems and nerve damage.
  • Studies show Vitamin D3 can clear the amyloid plaques thought to be responsible for cognitive malfunctions like dementias and other severe cognitive impairment.
  • Iron is a co-factor of the synthesis of myelin – the fatty sheath that surrounds and protects brain cells.
  • Low zinc levels have been linked to learning disabilities, cognitive birth defects, hyperactivity, alcoholism, and brain imbalances.
  • Calcium is critical for healthy brain function.
  • Magnesium contributes to optimal brain function in many ways, including memory, learning, mood, stress management,sleep.
  • B-complex vitamins are some of the best vitamins for memory, energy, mood, learning, and more.

All of these known brain support nutrients and more are found in Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack:

  • Gives you the complete B vitamin nutrients that are renowned energy and mood boosters. They also boost mental clarity and alertness.
  • Supplies essential minerals that work like the spark plugs in your car. Without these essential minerals you could have the best physical structure, the best certified organic clean food being consumed every day BUT you’ll be going nowhere fast without the spark of life that minerals provide!
  • Builds your immune system with essential amino acids and probiotics.
  • Helps you get better sleep at night with good amounts of magnesium
  • Relaxes muscles, and builds body strength with all the nutrients your body requires every day to repair itself. With our current farming practices our foods cannot provide all the essential nutrients your body needs every day to build healthy cells.
  • Contains vitamin C, essential in synthesizing the neurotransmitter dopamine which helps to manage your stress levels.
  • Good source of calcium which regulates neurotransmission and suppresses nerve excitability. If we don’t get enough of this mineral our body will start to mine it from our bones and teeth.
  • Minerals can assist daily detoxification of stored chemicals in the body. Toxic overload can make you feel very fatigued so using a plant derived mineral supplement every day can help reduce your toxic load.

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