Nutritional Pharmacist Ben Fuchs Speaking on Nutrition Alternatives for Health

This week we have Nutritional Pharmacist Ben Fuchs speaking Live on 3 topics that are hotly debated around the world:

1. Antioxidants – are they really beneficial to us or can high dosages be counterproductive for bodily health?

2. Infertility – why have we got so many people encountering infertility issues – and can nutrition turn this situation around?

3. How can we help people who have been through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple medications, to return to optimal health?

With his combined background in Pharmacy and Nutrition, Ben Fuchs gives practical and balanced advice on alternative avenues for optimal health.

Join us Sunday July 1 at 8am Brisbane time  on your computer or phonefor this Live webinar with Pharmacist Ben – https://zoom.us/j/245741378

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