Minerals vs Vitamins – Which are More Important?

Minerals are the most overlooked factor of nutrition – certainly in the last two or three decades. Everyone’s been on the bandwagon about the central vitamins, co-enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, all of these sort of things and yet the one thing that they have really overlooked is minerals, which is the very fundamental factor of all nutritional processes.

What we have to realize is that minerals are so essential that we are dead without them. There’s no digestive or metabolic process in the body that can take place without minerals. Effectively, minerals are the beginning of all the nutritional and biological processes of the body. First of all, because they provide the spark which ignites most of these natural organic processes. It’s a bit like having a fine tuned car – you can have the most powerful car sitting in your drive way, with the most powerful and developed engine, the best tank of fuel that money can buy, the best electrical system, being like the nervous system in the body, but unless you have something that can ignite the spark of the fuel to produce the horse power and get the whole combustion process of your car going, nothing is going to move, no power is going to be developed and the car will be effectively useless. The body works the same way – the minerals are the triggering process, of all the nutritional and the digestive processes of the body.

It’s also been discovered that if you were to look at your dietary allowance and the minimum dietary requirement that you would need and you took all the other vitamins and nutrients in your diet and have them there at 100 percent of your recommended daily allowance, but only have 50 percent of any one of a number of essential minerals, even in their most trace form, then the amount of your nutritional intake for that given day will actually come down from the 100 percent of all the other nutrients that you’ve got down to the lowest factor of the missing mineral. The balance of it will be lost, so rather than looking at how many of your other vitamins or nutrients are in your diet, it’s vital to take care of the minerals first because if the minerals are lacking then your body isn’t going to utilize all the other vitamins and nutrients that are in your diet.

Not only do we have digestive processes that are regulated by the body, with the use of minerals, but the body also relies on minerals to regulate the nervous system and hormonal activity of the body. So, inadequacies of minerals will lead to disease and the loss of other nutritional processes. A lot of people say, what will I notice with a mineral deficiency? Effectively, normal functions of the body won’t take place as they should, and this is why nutritional supplementation and addressing the questions of mineral deficiency  in the body have led to the healing of a lot of disease. The healing doesn’t take place with the mineral per se, because the mineral isn’t therapeutic in itself. What’s happening is the mineral is enabling the body to go through its own creative process. The minerals will allow the body to heal itself and that’s why they are considered to be in the forefront of preventative medicine and wellness philosophy and health. If you can provide your body with all the tools that it’s requiring to get the job done, it will heal itself.

The reasons we need minerals are:

A – good health

B – for healing and to go along with that healing process – for the body to utilize amino acids and to build proteins. We rely on minerals for that synthesis to take place. The amino acids are the building blocks for our body, the building blocks of proteins and the body relies on minerals to convert those amino acids into proteins to rebuild the muscle tissue and to rebuild your skin.

C – for the production of energy, the metabolic process that your body relies upon to actually produce energy relies on minerals, as the beginning of the entire process.

D – the fourth process that we rely on minerals for are the extra processes of the body, for example exercise or even weight loss.  For your body to actually go through the processes of losing weight efficiently, it is going to require more, and it’s going to burn more nutrients than it would if you just maintained your current weight. For a lot of people that doesn’t quite fit in with weight loss, and I won’t go into it in too much detail here as I will cover that in more in a weight loss blog, but effectively you have two ways of losing weight. You can either starve your body of fat or you can burn the fat, and if you’re choosing to burn the fat, which is obviously the best way to lose the weight, then your body is going to undergo an additional process, other than your normal day to day functions. Therefore it’s going to burn more nutrient than it would if you were to maintain your weight at its current level.

The problem that we have today is that the foods that we are eating were grown in soils deficient of minerals in the first place. The only way we can be sure that we’re getting all of the essential minerals we need for healthy life is through supplementation.





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