Do You Seriously Want to Lose Weight in 2019?

Would you like to make 2019 the year to totally change your life for the better, feel young and energetic again, and maybe even win $5,000?weight loss fast track

Imagine being in the best shape you’ve ever been, feeling on top of the world with energy, strength and wellness?

We’re inviting you to join our Youngevity 2019 Better Health Challenge where you can win prizes simply for entering. The overall winner will receive $5000 in cash, a photoshoot, and a trip to the US.

Besides weekly coaching from our US Health Coach Sanjeev Javia, our team will be running support webinars with our Naturopaths educating us about why you might be plateauing out during your weight loss program, and guiding you through the steps to break through to achieve your desired weight loss goal. We’ll also be helping you with food guides to assist you on your journey back to optimal wellness.

Above all, the most important part will be the team support you’ll receive along the way and recognition of your achievements however big or small they might be.

You can join as an Individual or enter as a group of up to 4 friends. Here’s an overview of what you can receive when you join our 2019 Better Health Challenge:

Winners & Prizes – Individual Challenge

Because this challenge can truly have a life-changing impact, everyone who sticks to their plan is ultimately a winner. See below for details on prizes and incentives for all participants, along with cash rewards for our Runner Ups and Grand Champions.


When you purchase your weight loss kit you’ll receive a Better Health Bracelet, a daily reminder to stay on track and stay in touch. Give it 90 days (or more) and get the results you’ve always wanted. Contact us to get the best price when buying your kit (contact details below) or shop on our Social for your weight loss kit (see the kit below).

9.0 Club

Lost nine pounds in a month? That’s quite an accomplishment, and you should feel proud! You can even earn a $9 USD store credit for sharing a current picture of yourself, along with your story, on Youngevity social media. But remember, you have to first enroll for the challenge to be recognized for the 9.0 Club.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience. Not only will your progress inspire others to reach their goals, it will also encourage support and conversation among fellow Challenge participants.


At the end of each of the three Challenge Cycles, Semifinalist winners will be selected and entered to win the Grand Champion prize. The top two Runner Ups will win $1,000. And our two Grand Champions will win $5,000 in cash, a photoshoot, and trip to Youngevity Corporate Headquarters in sunny San Diego, CA. All winners will be announced at Convention.

Here’s your Weight Loss Kit essentials:

1 x Youngevity FitShake or 1 x 12 pack TMR Vanilla Shakes or 1 x 12 pack TMR Variety Shakes

1 x Youngevity Super Greens

1 x Healthy Body Weight Loss pack

Email our Team Leader Sam on sam@young1.life or phone Sam on 0433 566 565 to get started on your Better Health for 2019 program.


Join our team TODAY!