Are Youngevity Products Too Expensive?

are Youngevity products too expensiveWe hear this comment occasionally from customers, but the important thing to consider is what are they comparing our products with to make this comparison? Let’s have a look….

What are you actually getting when you purchase Youngevity’s core 90 for Life Healthy Start pack?90 for Life pack

  • Vitamins that are “grown” from certified organic fruits and vegetables, rather than vitamins produced synthetically in a laboratory. Youngevity grows specific crops in mineralized soils to reap the particular vitamins they include in the Tangy Tangerine and OsteoFX products. Unlike synthetic vitamins, the body rapidly absorbs and uptakes these plant derived and natural vitamins. They come as nature intended us to have them, complete with enzymes, natural fibre (prebiotics) and probiotics. As such the body can easily utilize them.
  • Plant Derived Minerals, rather than rock based minerals. Humans were not intended to eat rocks whether crushed or whole! The only way we can readily absorb minerals is after plants have uptaken the rock minerals from the soil and through photosynthesis converted those minerals into many times smaller particles that easily pass through the human cellular structure. These Plant Derived Minerals used in Tangy Tangerine and OsteoFX are typically around 98% absorbable whereas rock based minerals are at best about 8% absorbable. If you’re considering product cost you would have to factor in the cost of 92 cents of every dollar you spend on supplements with rock based minerals are being flushed down your toilet bowl.
  • Careful production methods are used to ensure maximum nutrient value is retained, and preservatives are not required. Youngevity uses a slow spinning, low heat process to convert the fresh fruit and vegetables in the Tangy Tangerine 2.0 powder and OsteoFX powder formulations which, over many hours, produces the microcrystalline powders in these 2 products. The low heat means vital plant elements such as prebiotics and probiotics are kept alive and fully available.
  • The omega oils used in the EFA Plus product in the 90 for Life Healthy Start pack are packaged using a unique nitrogen injection process. When the omega rich fish oils are being loaded into each capsule nitrogen is being injected into the capsule during the loading process. Nitrogen will displace oxygen and create oxygen deficient (<19.5%) atmospheres without significant physiologic effects. This means the oils stay in a pristine state right up until the moment you consume them.best quality essential fatty acids Most Essential Fatty Acids on the market are packaged in the presence of oxygen which means the oils are starting to oxidize in the capsule immediately. By the time you consume them they are most likely rancid and will cause you more harm than the good you might otherwise expect from consuming your Omegas. In fact, they will setup inflammatory conditions in your body and contribute to issues with the very aspect of health Omega oils are intended for: cardiovascular and brain health. Inflammation in the arteries is the true cause of cholesterol buildup. Learn more about this on this video.

So, if you want to ensure that your financial investment in nutritional supplements is actually able to be utilized by your body, and contains only pristine life supporting nutrients, Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack delivers exceptional value.

Purchase Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack in Australia here.

Purchase Dr Wallach’s 90 for Life pack in USA and Canada here.


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