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More than 50 million adults in the U.S. has concerns about bone and joint health and the number is growing. All of the 90 essential nutrients that Dr. Wallach recommends for good health plus targeted nutrients to promote bone and joint health are contained in the PigPak Plus.

Each PigPak Plus includes: Plant Derived Minerals (2) Ultimate Tangy Tangerine (2) BEYOND OSTEO-FX (1) Ultimate EFA 180 soft gels (1) and Ultimate Gluco-Gel 120 capsules (1). See individual products for details.

As the Tangy Tangerine liquid has been out of stock for several months with no ETA on future stocks we suggest purchasing Dr Wallach’s most recently developed bone and joint support pack The Healthy Bone and Joint Pack

Alternatively, consider purchasing the 90 Essential Nutrients pack plus additional Plant Derived Minerals and Gluco-Gel 240 capsules or Gluco-Gel 120 capsules.

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