The Essential Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit



The Essential Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit is designed to support you in 7 major areas of your mental, physical and emotional health. Following the  Results Now Assessment, you will be guided to the order of priority for you to address regarding your health. A booklet comes in this kit that explains how to do the results Now Assessment

The kit includes all 7 of the Results Now Essential Oils, now blended with Kukui Carrier Oil in ready-to-use roller bottles. They can be instantly (and discreetly) applied on any area of the body that needs immediate relief or attention. No measuring or mixing required! 10 ml bottles.

Essential Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit includes: Rose Geranium 20% (Emotions), Lemongrass 20% (Ligaments & Tendons), To Be At Peace 20% (Alignment), Birch-Sweet 20% (Bones), Ravensara 20% (Nerves), Marjoram-Sweet 20% (Muscles) and Cypress 20% (Circulation).

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Weight 550 g


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