TRIM Stiks


Hydrate while you support your weight loss goals with TRIM sticks™. These on-the-go stick packs deliver ingredients that can help you with cravings, boost your metabolism and support your energy levels – helping you burn more fat! Just add to water!  


Who’s it for: Anyone looking to support appetite and weight loss.  

What it does: May help support appetite control and hydration plus boost your metabolism and energy.  

What sets this product apart? 

  • Sugar-free  
  •  0 calories 
  • Includes short-chain polyphenols from lychee 
  • Great-tasting kiwi-strawberry flavor  
  • Includes BioPerine®, which increases bioavailability of ingredients by 25–45% 
  • Take with BURN caps™ for best results  


Main Ingredient/Benefit: 

Ingredient   Benefit  
BIOPERINE®  BioPerine, a special extract from black pepper known as a “bioavailability enhancer.” It’s been clinically proven to optimize — by 25–45% — your body’s access to the critical elements of a supplement. BioPerine is so effective and unique that it’s been granted a U.S. patent. 
GREEN TEA  Green tea may help boost your metabolism, increase your energy through its natural caffeine, and acting as an extra fat-burner during exercise. 
GUARANA  This natural appetite suppressant won’t make you nauseated or regretful. It increases your metabolism and energy, and it’s been approved by the FDA as an aid for weight loss. 
GLUCURONOLACTONE  When paired with caffeine, this naturally occurring substance may help support energy – making it stable and longer-lasting. 
THEOBROMINE  Derived from tea leaves, theobromine is a natural mood-enhancer, helping you to relax without feeling drowsy. It also helps alleviate stress and anxiety, and it’s a natural vasodilator (widens blood vessels) and more. 


Ingredients: Natural caffeine, M-THERMEX™ (Green coffee leaf, Green tea, Theobromine, Oligonol®, Niacinamide, Malic acid, Citric acid, Steviol glycosides, Red-beet color, Natural kiwi-strawberry flavor, Sucralose.  

Suggested Use: Add a TRIM stick to 16 oz. of chilled water. Shake it up. Drink it up 

USE RESPONSIBLY: Intended for adults, use as directed. Consult with a physician if you are pregnant and/or nursing. 

Additional information

Weight 130 g


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