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Mialisia jewellery

Mialisia™ jewelry can be personalized to fit your unique style. The more pieces you add, the more you can create. The jewelry is timeless and the options are infinite.


Saveur Spices

Create great tasting treats at your next Social with Saveur Natural Foods spices. Sourced from only the best ingredients, ETO and PPO free, steam sterilised, Saveur Spices are  of the highest quality.


Mineral makeup

Youngevity’s Mineral Makeup has provided health-conscious consumers with a natural, healthy, mineral-based makeup line. Years of in-depth research ensure that our consumers are getting only the finest and purest ingredients in all of our Youngevity products.


Essential oils and Lockets

Enjoy your favorite aroma, plus all the benefits of essential oils, throughout the day with this charming Silver Oil Diffuser Locket.


Memory keeping

Your photos can be so much more than just pixels on a screen or neglected prints in a dusty shoebox. Youngevity’s memory keeping brand, Heritage Makers, invites you to discover the joy that comes from preserving, enhancing and sharing your priceless photos.

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