Slender FX Weight Loss Bundle


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Slender FX Weight Loss Bundle offers a considerable saving on this package. If you were to buy each item included in this bundle separately you would pay nearly $70 more ($320.32)

The Weight Loss Bundle includes the following products:

SlenderFX Cleanse FX

It’s always good to start a weight loss protocol with a detoxification as toxic overload can contribute to the weight loss plateaus dieters often encounter. Losing weight can cause a detoxification to occur in any case, and if the liver is already overloaded with toxins it will setup a process whereby it will halt any further weight loss to prevent any harm to the body. Cleanse FX is a proprietary blend of herbs formulated to effectively give your body a gentle colon cleanse.

Slender FX Keto Power Up

An all-natural blend of metabolism-boosting nutrients that promote energy production and support healthy weight management.

Slender FX REV Weight Loss Drops

Helps support your body’s own fat-burning mechanisms, making them more efficient. The REV™ proprietary blend is designed to target excess fat

Slender FX Keto Caramel Bars 10ct

These delicious bars will help replenish the nutrients your body needs in order to stay energized and healthy through the metabolic changes of low-carb dieting.

Slender FX SweetEZE

Sweet-Eze assists regulation of blood sugar and can reduce cravings, thereby helping you achieve your dietary intake changes more easily.

If you’re looking for value for money, this Weight Loss Bundle is the way to go.

*See individual products for details.

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