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Youngevity has everything you need to give your body the best defence this winter! Our Defence Bundle provides you with immune-boosting nutrients for extra support during the winter season. Defence Bundle comprises 3 powerful immune supporting products: C-FX vitamin C, ZincFX and Ultimate Colloidal Silver

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for extra immune support during the winter months.

What it does: Provides you with nutrients that may support a healthy immune system.

What’s included:

C-FX™ – C-FX is a pH-balanced formula that contains 500 mg of Vitamin C along with the Echinacea herb in the form of an extract to help support a healthy immune system.

Zinc FX™ – Zinc FX combines immune-boosting Zinc plus a trace mineral blend in an easily dissolvable lozenge to help support a healthy immune system and optimal defences when you need it most.

Ultimate Colloidal Silver – Ultimate Colloidal Silver provides you with 5ppm per dose of pure silver. This immune-supporting vegan liquid supplement is a safe and effective form of silver that may provide you with health benefits. Dr Wallach advises to take one dropper full of Colloidal Silver 30 minutes before meals and again just before bed. He says that Colloidal Silver helps eliminate bacteria, fungus and viruses from the body.*

* Not verified by the FDA or TGA.

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